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Our Approach

Our approach is predicated on our belief in our core values of trust, integrity, quality, leadership, purpose and experience. These values help enable us to place the needs of the client unequivocally first and allows us to provide the personalized attention to each individual we service. For successful individuals and families, building, preserving and passing along their personal wealth requires customized services and specialized attention. A level of personal involvement with a client is required in order to fully understand the total scope and complexity of their financial and personal concerns. Vintage West Capital Management takes the time and effort to understand the complexity of our clients lives – financially and personally – which enables us manage their financial affairs and their estates for current and future generations.

Given our personal involvement with each of our clients, we intentionally maintain a small, select group of families, individuals and corporations that we work with, and are accessible to them any time of day, for any reason. We take a discreet approach to our practice and confidentiality is of utmost importance. We view our relationship with our clients as a partnership where we all work together to achieve the common goal. The partnership enables us to stay continually involved in all aspects of our clients lives: day-to-day, month-to-month, year-to-year, every step of the way. We hold performance review meetings with our clients semi-annually, or as often as our clients wish to get together. Vintage West Capital Management provides counsel to our clients on all aspects of their lives: financially, professionally and personally and we are continually assessing how any developments impact the current financial plan in place and retain the flexibility to alter it based upon any change in circumstance.

Vintage West Capital ManagementA More Personal & Comprehensive Approach
Vintage West Capital Management works with our clients and their families much in the same way “Family Offices” do to manage their financial, household and personal affairs. Vintage West Capital Management takes a comprehensive approach to managing and advising our clients on their wealth and legacy. However, while some families hire tax accountants and lawyers to work along side their portfolio manager and other administrators in their own family office, Vintage West Capital Management can manage all of these complexities by either coordinating with a client’s existing advisers, engaging trusted outside experts, or identifying a new resource to add to our open source platform. The end result is a holistic and boutique family office type of service.
Vintage West Capital Management
Safeguarding Your Assets
All clients have full online access to track their performance and can receive paper statements and trading confirmations either electronically, or in the mail.  Vintage West Capital Management custodies our client's assets with Fidelity Investments and TD Ameritrade, so clients have peace of mind with how their assets are safeguarded.
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